Olympus FL-50 Electronic Flash

Olympus electronic flash

The Olympus FL-50 electronic Flash is specifically developed as an attachment for digital SLR cameras. The flash coverage can be automatically adjusted to the lens when zooming or it can also be set manually. The Olympus FL-50 Electronic Flash also comes with a variety of other features.

The FL-50 can be attached to the camera via a hot shoe, cable or using the FL-BK01 Flash Bracket. The FL-50 operates in five modes. At TTL Auto mode, it flashes after being able to measure the appropriate illumination needed for a subject with the use of a pre-flash. In auto mode, the illumination is controlled to match the lens aperture with the use of the FL-50’s light receptor window.

The manual mode for the FL-50 allows the user to flash using a guide number setting. In FP-TTL Auto mode, the flash illumination can be synchronized with shutter speeds of up to 1/4000 sec. In FP-Manual mode, the FP flashes at a manually set illumination.

Other features of the FL-50 Electronic Flash include Redeye Reduction that helps reduce the redeye effect usually caused by flash illumination in developed photos. The FL-50 also has a Slow Synchro feature that allows it to be used when taking photos at slow shutter speeds. A Second-curtain Synchro feature allows it to flash just before exposure ends while using a slow shutter.

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