Olympus FE-370 Digital Camera

If there is one thing that you are looking for in cameras, the Olympus FE-370 may be something that you would like to have. This digital camera has 8 megapixels and has 5x optical zoom lens as well as advance face detection technology with smile shot.

The good thing about this compact camera is the fact that it is easy to use and has good image stabilization. Additionally, what we truly love about this camera is the fact that it has different features that every photographer, amateur and professional alike, will surely love.

It has both indoor portraits in which you may apply both flash or without flash. The color is amazing as well since it has a natural look. Regarding macro shots, the FE-370 can surely provide the best performance. This also comes most particularly on close shots.

Moreover, it provides great pictures when you are below the ISO 400 shots. However, going beyond it produces noise on the dark areas. Yet with a price that is more or less affordable and has the specifications that you looking for a type of digital camera, the Olympus FE-370 will do.

The Olympus FE-370 has a 48 megabytes worth of memory and can be fitted by xD and micro SD card slots. It has a weight of 128 grams and has a dimension of 94.7 x 56.7 x 25.3 millimeters.

It has variyng prices but you can buy it online at a cost of $135.95 on retrevo.com.

Image source: asia.olympus-global.com

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