Olympus DP-20 Portable Digital Recorder

With today’s newer gadgets getting smaller and more complicated, the older generation can easily feel left out. But its a good thing that Olympus still has thought of designing some of their gadgets with the older people in mind. One such example is the new Olympus DP-20 Portable Digital Recorder.

The Olympus DP-20 is designed much like the older voice recorders of yesteryears. The only difference is that it makes use of digital technology for a more efficient and better audio quality. The Olympus DP-20 features functions that you would see in past tape-based voice recorders. It has its own full-sized speaker for audio playback, three large basic buttons up front for play, record and stop. It also has an easy to read display as well as an excellent battery life.

The Olympus DP-20 also features a calendar system that makes finding voice recordings more convenient. Noise cancellation features also make for better audio recording quality. An internal memory of 1GB makes for more than enough space for voice recordings. The Olympus DP-20 Portable Digital Recorder is set to be made available this month and will cost around 40 Euros.

Image Source: Olympus

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