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oolpc xoxo xo2.0

OLPC XO, the laptop that should be changing the world this very minute is getting a new version by 2010.  The existing OLPC in its green and white casing looks like a toy from Vtech but punches a lot more than that.  To refresh your memory, it’s really a computer, with processor, RAM, SSD-HDD, USB, LAN, WLAN.

REcently, the OLPC CEO Nick Negroponte announced that they will be migrating the XO to Windows XP .  No more Sugar OS for the kids.  Anyway this has been warmly accepted by the recepients of the OLPC.

Today, OLPC is announcing the XO 2.0.  It’s still a laptop, but much more.  The new design is based on education’s flagship of data storage, the book.  That’s right, the XO2 is designed more like a book than a laptop.  There are two LCD Touch panels joined by a single spine so even two children can play games when the XO 2.0 is laid flat.  Imaging the Nintendo DS with dual touchscreens.  Of course the XO 2.0 is still capable of the usual laptop functions and wireless internet connectivity.

Currently priced a $180a pop, it still doesn’t fit the profile Nick Neg is aiming for.  However, there are plans to streamline the price tag down to $75 apiece in 2010.

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