Olive Opus 4 Digital Music Server

Olive Opus 4

The Olive Opus 4 digital music server is a unique device that allows you to store up your most treasured music files into a single device. You can say that it is the modern digital version of the jukebox. But unlike other modern music file storage systems, the Olive Opus 4 provides quality at a higher level along with quantity.

The Olive Opus offers higher quality music storage because it converts your CD music collection into high resolution DAC format, a loss less format that prevents your music files from fading in quality no matter how many times you use them. Storage capacity is equivalent to a total of 3,000 CD’s, more than enough for any music collection. A touch screen display on the Olive Opus 4 allows easy access to your music collection.

The Olive Opus 4 can be used conveniently with your stereo system in order to provide a high quality listening experience. It is plug and play and does not require any complex set up. You can just connect it to your stereo sound system and enjoy. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and can be used to stream music wirelessly throughout the home using the Melody 2 Multi-Room Module.

Image Source: Olive

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