Oh Look! It's an Electric Bike from Panasonic!

The Japanese will never get tired of their electric bikes, especially as new models begin to be unveiled. This one, from Panasonic, has a little something that makes it stand out against the competition. The Panasonic EX BE-ENE has a 12-Ampere-hour battery, the biggest capacity for an e-bike yet, or so they claim. The e-bike measures 580 x 1,875 millimeters and weighs 27.7 kilograms.

And like many electric bikes, the EX BE-ENE comes with three models. They have the automatic model that lets riders travel up to 46 kilometers on a single charge; the power mode; and the eco-mode that makes it possible to travel up to 66 kilometers on a single charge. Its battery takes about four hours to charge.

The Panasonic EX BE-ENE is expected to arrive Japanese bike stores on December 6, costing at an equivalent of about US$1,600.

Source: CrunchGear

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