Ofon Furniture for Kokuyo Uses A Coin As a Tool

Ofon Furniture LineModular furniture for companies and home offices has become popular nowadays. The characteristics of being able to adapt to what the situation calls for makes modular furniture essential and valuable. But then again, the problem that most would find is in the assembly. The Ofon furniture for Kokuyo is a unique set of modular furniture that comes with a unique twist.

The Ofon line of furniture for Japanese furniture supplier Kokuyo comes with a convenient feature that may people would love. The problem that many small offices or even homes may have with modular furniture is that it usually takes time to assemble them. Although they offer the convenience of different assembly configurations depending on different needs, putting them together is not always easy. You sometimes need special tool to make this possible. The Kokuyo Ofon furniture line solves this problem by making it the furniture pieces easier to assemble. You only now need a coin as a tool to put them together.

The Ofon furniture line features a joint assembly system developed by Nendo. The furniture pieces can be put together simply by using a coin. The assembly hardware lies flat when the furniture pieces are not in use. They just spring into place with a touch of a finger. Upon assembling, the fasteners are attached using a coin to screw and unscrew. They can be released by a simple push of a button. The components do not protrude but lie flat with the surface of the furniture. Different components attach to each other using the joint system as well. It offers a convenient way to assemble and disassemble without having to find special tools to accomplish. A simple coin is what you will need to put it all together. It is a unique furniture concept and comes with different design and set up configurations to address the needs of different working spaces. You can check it out at Ofon for more details on the concept and the available setup configurations you can make with them.

Image Source: Ofon


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