Official Release Dates of Nintendo 3DS Revealed

After much speculation, Nintendo has announced the official launch details of its 3DS handheld gamer. The device will hit Japanese retail spots on February 26, 2011 for 25,000 yen (about US$298). It will then be launched in North America and Europe a month later for an undisclosed amount. Nintendo 3DS will come in aqua blue or cosmo black.

Apart from enabling to play 3D games, the device can also automatically create a Mii avatar by taking a user’s photo using its front-facing camera. Once the image is converted to a Mii, users can even edit their avatars to the Mii Studio found in the 3DS. Two photos can even be merged into a single photo, as well as exporting the images as QR codes.

The Nintendo 3DS also features a built-in pedometer and a multitasking function that lets users launch other apps and then come back to the game where they have left off. One such app is the Mii Plaza and lets users collect and view Miis from other 3DS owners you pass throughout the day, even when the device is sleeping. Other specs include augmented reality gaming (incorporating what you view from the cameras to the game), a long-press home button, a Book app, as well as a note writing software.

Source: Engadget

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