ODiN Aurora, The World’s First Laser Projection Mouse

ODiN AuroraThe computer mouse has long been a common and useful peripheral for many computer users. Although the mouse may have gone through changes and modifications through the years, it largely functions and looks the same way it does. There are quite a few changes seen in computer peripherals many users have become comfortable at using on a daily basis. But that does not mean that innovation has to stop there. There comes a point in time when someone may offer a different type of computer mouse unlike any other seen before it. This may be the case for the new ODiN Aurora, the world’s first laser projection mouse.

Designed to look like a robotic head, the ODiN Aurora can change the way people use a computer mouse. Instead of having a device that users can move with their hands like in a typical computer mouse, the ODiN Aurora relies on a laser projection to track hand movements and relay it to the computer cursor on the screen. The device uses a laser to project a virtual track pad into any flat surface. Infrared sensors keep track of your hand movements within the projected track pad. An area on top of the track pad functions as the virtual left and right buttons similar to a traditional mouse. Different finger movements can also relate to different common functions such as scrolling, zooming in and out, dragging and others.

The great thing about the new ODiN Aurora concept is that users no longer have to use a physical device to move around to navigate around the computer screen. This has been a cause of discomfort among traditional mouse users. Extended use can even result into wrist pain and other related injuries. The ODiN Aurora does away with this by making the hand move more freely and comfortably without strain. And because the track pad is projected, there are no moving parts on the device that can deteriorate or decline in functionality with age, unlike a traditional PC mouse. The ODiN Aurora is also smaller and more portable than a traditional mouse, making it an ideal alternative for mobile users.

The makers of the ODiN Aurora laser projection mouse are currently conducting a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. Early adopters can still get hold of the first models for a pledge of $49. When the slots are filled up, people will be able to get the ODiN Aurora at the regular $56 price. People can expect receiving this unique mouse starting June of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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