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Oculus TouchVideo games are becoming a different breed once virtual reality gets some full blown popularity. It will all depend on the gadgets that will make virtual gaming come to life. While there already has been news about devices like the Oculus Rift coming out. But the experience is usually limited to what your eyes can see. Current versions allow people to see through virtual reality headsets and experience being in a virtual environment. But that is about it. People still cannot interact with their hands despite having this sense of being in a virtual environment all around them. Virtual reality gaming will become more appealing if people may be able to interact with the virtual environment not only with their eyes but with their hands as well. This is where the new Oculus Touch controller comes in.

The new Oculus Touch controller is a great addition to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It will allow users to finally have a way to sense their hands visually and its movements in a virtual environment. These pair of wireless controllers are designed for each hand and will allow the Oculus Rift to track the hands as well as provide controls on what the user can do in a virtual environment. The prototype controllers are able to detect hand movements, thanks to the little infrared LED’s tracked by the infrared camera that also tracks the Rift headset. Each controller comes with an analog stick and two buttons on top. There is also a trigger placed under the index finger and another button under the middle finger. There are sensors on each of the trigger to determine whether the fingers are actually touching them.

With the Oculus Touch motion controllers, people using the Oculus Rift now have virtual hands to work with. People will have the ability to grasp virtual objects, throw them or place them somewhere else, hit a ping pong ball, light a match, and many other interesting things in the virtual world. Soon enough, first-person shooting games will be quite interesting in the virtual world. But small steps are first needed to get there. The Oculus Touch may be quite a leap forward into that direction. The Oculus Touch is currently a prototype and will not be available when the Oculus Rift headset comes out sometime this year.
Image Source: Gizmodo

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