Occly Body Cam Alarm System

Personal security has become an important requirement in today’s more dangerous world. The risks are always everywhere, especially for women. Hazards at the workplace can also be a cause of concern. Being alert and having the way to notify others when in danger can give people that peace of mind. Devices like the Occly Body Cam Alarm System can help provide just that.

The Occly Body Cam Alarm System is a device that can help add a level of safety and protection to individuals who need it. It comes with four cameras surrounding the device that can capture images, video and audio surrounding the individual wearing it. This can be triggered by the sensors surrounding the device or by the wearer pressing the panic button. In either case, the Occly Body Cam Alarm System then sends what it captures in real time into the Occly Monitoring Service database where it can later be retrieved when needed.

During an emergency, an alarm also starts to notify the Occly Monitoring Service professional representatives of the situation. They can then assess any emergency quickly when provided with the data received from the device. The device allows for GPS location tracking as well with indoor location tracking in the works.

The Occly Body Cam Alarm System allows users to have an option to quickly notify or alarm others during an emergency. Other features include text notifications to friends and family, a siren and LED lighting. The device can also help aid different industries to keep track and monitor their workers who are on the field and doing perilous tasks.  It can also aid companies improve on their safety management practices and security. The Occly Body Cam Alarm System is available at Occly at $249 for the device. A combo package which comes with one-year 24/7 monitoring service is available for $299. The Monitoring Service can then be renewed for $25 per month.

Image Source: Occly

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