Oakley's 3D Glasses Now Certified

Apparently, no one believed that Oakley‘s 3D glasses are real, so they had it certified. The company proudly announced that its 3D glasses have been granted official certification by RealD Inc., a pioneer in digital 3D cinema. The certification makes the glasses fit for viewing 3D movies, especially in cinemas equipped with RealD.

Oakley also plans to add its line of Premium 3D glasses, which includes the new Oakley 3D Gascan (pictured), the world’s “first optically-correct 3D glasses.” This means that these glasses maximizes visual clarity and fidelity by eliminating refraction, optical astigmatism, and distortion caused by prismatic power. It also removes ghosting between the images that reach each eye from one moment to the next, as well as glare and reflections while extending the wearer’s field of vision.

Now, if we could only wear them outside.

Source: Business Wire

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