Oakley Split Thump Sunglasses

Oakley Thump Sunglasses

Oakley’s Split Thump sunglasses are definitely for people who enjoy listening to music while taking an exercise in the middle of the sunny morning. Here’s the logic: listening to music with the absence of wires is much easier, but wearing these glasses while working out in an indoor gym or jogging comfortably in the middle of the night is close to embodying Mr. Bean.

Throwing the stupidity lessons out of the window, these sunglasses are actually an impressive invention. The Split Thump is compatible with iTunes and music files in the AAC, MP3, WMA and WAV formats. Battery life is up to eight hours with six hours of playback time (if volume is in maximum). Sound quality is good enough.

One can choose among the 1GB (which can hold up to 240 songs), 512 MB or 256 MB models. Control with the gadget is easy: with the two buttons situated on the left, and three on the right (Previous, Play-Pause, Next, Volume Up and Volume Down)

The sunglasses act like a USB Mass Storage Device: when connected to a computer. Users can copy music files with a simple Drag & Drop, as well as other file formats, as it can also act as a plain flash drive.

The main issue of the product is its price which lands between $249 to $399 and despite having workout obsessives and gym goers as its target market, this product will have a hard time knocking out other portable MP3 players which can be bought at almost the same cost (and even cheaper) and has bigger capacity for music.

Nonetheless, Oakley has to be given plus points for bringing in a gadget which is very comfortable to wear which provides eye protection and commendable MP3 capabilities minus the wires.

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