Oakley Roddler Stroller

Oakley Roddler Stroller

If you think strolling around with the baby can’t become cool enough for parents, here is a quite unique stroller designed with coolness in mind. Imagine a stroller designed with one of the popular brands known for coolness in mind and you have the Oakley Roddler Stroller from Kid Kustoms.

Kid Kustoms has been known to design quite innovative designs for strollers, more notably for its Roddler stroller line. And this Oakley Roddler Stroller is no different. Inspired presumably by the cool Oakley brand, this Roddler stroller model was designed with military aircraft in mind.

Its military based color seems to add to its appeal aside from the cool and innovative stroller structure typical of a Kid Kustoms creation. Carbon fiber car seat makes it sturdy enough for the small human cargo on board and the canopy provides the shade. The overall striking design provides the added coolness for parents while taking their precious and cuddly cargo out for a stroll.

Image Source: KidKustomsBlog

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