O2 XDA Zest vs. LG Cookie KP500

zest lg cookie

If you are aching to buy a smartphone, but do not have the budget for LG’s Renoir or Samsung’s Pixon, then settle for the next best thing: O2 XDA Zest or LG Cookie KP500. But which of these two phones for the cash conscious are better, the juicy smartie or the sweet cookie?

In terms of features, the Zest has the advantage. With GPS, WiFi, and HSDPA, and a decent 3MP camera, it can pose serious challenge to many higher-priced smartphones. On the other hand, the Cookie has no HSDPA or 3G, so connectivity is limited to GSM for dreary downloads and browsing. While it makes the games gimmicky, the Cookie’s motion sensor technology gives you great fun. It also has a decent 3MP camera.

In terms of ease of use, however, the Cookie is the clear winner. It is more intuitive to use compared to the Zest, which is equipped with the sluggish Windows Mobile 6. In addition, the Cookie beats the Zest in the price department. The LG Cookie KP500 costs around $160, while the O2 XDA Zest costs around $364. Go for the Zest if you are after excellent connectivity and office features, but choose the Cookie if you are only after touchscreen features.

Image Source: Xda and LG

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