O2 XDA Flint

O2 XDA Flint

The O2 XDA Flint handheld is designed differently from other O2 devices. For one, the XDA Flint uses a detachable QWERTY keyboard as an input device aside from its touch screen features. Its stylish and unique design may even attract some other experienced PDA users. But it seems that the issue with the XDA Flint may be by standing in the way of devices above and beneath its category.

The XDA Flint is marketed as a handheld with desktop like capabilities. From supporting Direct Push Email by Microsoft, IE and Opera 9 browsers, it surely looks that way. With a built-in Mp3 player, a 3 megapixel camera, video playback support, Wi-Fi connectivity, integrated GPS, a 5 inch display and Bluetooth support, the XDA Flint may be offering more than what the traditional handheld currently provides. In fact by the looks of it, the XDA Flint is designed more of a smaller version netbook that it is as a handheld device.

And this is where the issue may just come up. Would people rather opt for using netbooks and what conveniences they offer than the XDA Flint does, which offers the same capabilities but on a slightly smaller scale? The handheld designation may surely attract some people, but the limitations of using a small detachable keyboard may be another. And since the price as well as the availability in the market is still not yet known, it remains to be seen whether the XDA Flint really has what it takes to attract users.

Image Source: O2

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