NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse

PC Gaming nowadays require some specialized gaming equipment in order to enjoy a better gaming experience. That is why there are now PC gaming mouse models that are designed for dedicated PC gaming use. One of the recent ones to come out is the NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse.

The NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse is the successor to the Avatar line of gaming mice from NZXT. It offers a simple yet precise and flexible system for better gaming control for avid gamers. It comes with Teflon feet to make it ideal for gliding action on any surface. It also comes with a tracking speed of 30 inches per second to match a user’s gaming speed.

The Avatar S Gaming Mouse is also follows an ambidextrous design that makes it ideal for both left and right handed gamers. It also has a 16kb onboard memory that stores the gamer’s ideal gaming mouse settings. Its 5 keys are programmable according to how the gamer may wish to use them. The new NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse is expected to come out any time soon. No pricing details have yet been provided.

Image Source: NZXT

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