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Nyrius Smart OutletMany people become excited and interested on the notion of living in a smart home. It is the home of the future wherein different parts of the home function and operate with a higher level of automation. In a smart home, people can control as well as gather data about the home and its different appliances and parts through a single device such as a smartphone or tablet, even while away. A smart home offers people with better convenience and control over the different comforts of home. But for some people, creating a smart home today may require quite an expense. But there are certain products coming out that can help you create a smart home today at a lesser cost. Products such as the Nyrius Smart Outlet can be your less expensive alternative.

The Nyrius Smart Outlet is a unique and convenient alternative available in transforming an ordinary home into a smart facility. Quite ordinary looking at first, this device can transform any ordinary power outlet into a Bluetooth-enabled one. What that means is that the Nyrius Smart Outlet can help you connect your appliances to your smartphone or other compatible portable device and gives you control over them by using an app. When connected to the Nyrius Smart Outlet, your appliances are now connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device that allows you to turn it on or off if you are within 33-feet of the device. Using the Nyrius Smart Outlet app, users can wirelessly control any appliance plugged into the device.

But that is not all, the Nyrius Smart Outlet also comes with a proximity sensor that can detect if anyone is in a particular room. When it detects that the room is unoccupied and with the connected appliance still running, the Nyrius Smart Outlet can automatically turn it off to save on electricity usage. Users can also use the Nyrius Smart Outlet as a timer to set when to turn certain appliances on and off. It becomes quite convenient to have the Nyrius Smart Outlet turn on the coffee maker every morning automatically or have it turn off the lights at night. The Nyrius Smart Outlet can now help make your home a lot smarter. The device is now undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. Interested parties can pledge $75 to get a pair of Nyrius Smart Outlet. There are also options for getting several of these special smart power outlets. Early backers are expected to get their orders by May of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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