NYNE Aqua Waterproof Wireless Speaker

NYNE AquaSome people just love to be surrounded by music all the time. Whether they are inside or outside, they long to have music available all the time. Headphones and portable speakers now make it more and more possible. The only place that many people may not be able to do this is while in the shower or in the pool. But there are now waterproof speakers like the new NYNE Aqua to take care of that problem.

The NYNE Aqua is a waterproof wireless speaker that not only plays on water, it can also float. It is an ideal companion for music lovers on the go. They can take it anywhere, most especially in places where ordinary speakers just won’t do- in the rain, at the shower, in the pool or at the beach. The NYNE Aqua is IPX7 tested, meaning that it provides full waterproofing protection.

The NYNE Aqua also has a 33-foot Bluetooth connectivity range, ensuring that your non-waterproof music players and devices still remain connected to your speaker from afar. A 3.5 mm auxiliary input is also available so you can connect your non-Bluetooth music players to the NYNE Aqua. It offers up to 10 hours of playing time for every full charge of its rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It also comes with a built-in waterproof microphone to make it function as a hands-free speaker phone when you connect your smartphone to it. The NYNE Aqua is now available at Amazon and other selected retailers for $130.

Image Source: NYNE

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