Nyko Reveals Gear for Nearsighted Kinect and Longer-Lasting Nintendo 3DS

Gaming gear maker Nyko unveils an array of helpful accessories for your gaming devices at this year’s E3. First of the bunch is the Zoom for Kinect, a clip-on spectacles that is set right in front of Kinect’s sensor bar, allowing you to get 40 percent closer to the device with no loss of function. This makes motion gaming with Kinect a whole lot of fun even in smaller spaces.

Meanwhile, the Nyko Play Clock (pictured, left) is a charging dock for Nintendo 3DS that also functions as an alarm clock. Why you ask? Perhaps someone out there would rather use his 3DS as an wakee-upper rather than the iPhone, the iPod, or let alone an actual alarm clock.

Finally, Nyko rolls out not one, but three new extended battery packs for the Nintendo 3DS for longer battery life. The Shock n’ Rock brings triple battery life, vibration feedback, and four speakers. The Power Grip is an external battery that not only triples the battery life, but is also ergonomic to handle. And the Game Boost (pictured, right) is a simple snap-on accessory, giving your 3DS an extra hour or two of gameplay.

All of these accessories still have mysterious prices and availability dates, so you better keep an eye here for more updates.

Source: Engadget

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