Nyko Play Clock For Nintendo 3DS

With the Nintendo 3DS becoming a popular portable gaming console, other accessories may tend to give it some added useful features. There’s the Nyko Play Clock that would give your 3DS a unique feature while you are charging it. It might be reminiscent of those docking stations made for smartphones.

The Nyko Play Clock is a charging dock for the Nintendo 3DS that features more than just a charging facility for your portable gaming device. It also features an alarm clock as well as an AM/FM radio. It comes with its own powered stereo speakers that allow users to access music files stored on their 3DS and listen to it on the Nyko Play Clock. It also features a line-in port that allows users to access music files from their smartphones, MP3 players and more. The Nyko Play clock is now available at Nyko for US$40.

Image Source: Nyko

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