Nyko FrontMan For Guitar Hero III on Wii

Nyko FrontMan

Nyko has recently come out with a new wireless guitar gadget for Guitar Hero III on the Nintendo Wii gaming console. Dubbed as the Nyko FrontMan Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii, a third-party Guitar Hero controller that is shaped like the popular Telecaster guitar popularized by many rockers over the years.

The Nyko FrontMan is fully compatible with Guitar Hero III and will work with the existing Wii remote. With its unique rock styling and custom body shape, it would surely be a welcome arrival for all those would be rock star guitarists on the popular Guitar Hero game. The FrontMan needs no additional batteries as it is powered by the Wii remote. It features an accurate and responsive whammy bar as well as a bi-directional strum bar for all your game play pleasure.

The Nyko FrontMan Wireless Guitar Controller is available in two colors, white and yellow. Three interchangeable pick guards are available in designer colors. With its durable design, users can take advantage of the guitar’s wireless capability to enjoy cordless play to allow the freedom to truly rock it out on Guitar Hero III.

Image Source: Nyko.com

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