Nyko Charge Station Quad

charge station quad

Want to keep your Wii remotes together? Of course you do. Now you can keep your Nintendo Wiimotes topped off at all times with Nyko Charge Station Quad. This means the 4 controllers will be charged at one time and ready to go. The device includes 4 NiMH rechargeable battery packs designed specifically for each Wiimote.

The Charge Station Quad also comes with four rubber battery covers of different colors to prevent any unfortunate accidents. Each battery cover has contact pass-through points allowing you to charge the batteries while they are still in the remote. Each of them is also rubberized for that superior grip during exciting game sessions.

Each battery provides around 25 hours of play time. You can also easily recharge them by placing the Wiimote in the charging dock, which you can conveniently plug into any standard wall outlet. This allows for simultaneous rapid recharging of all batteries. It matches the Wii styling and is ideal for family game play sessions, parties, and tournaments. You can buy the Charge Station Quad online for $49.99.

Image Source: Nyko

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