NVIDIA Shield Handheld Gaming Console

Handheld gaming consoles have been just as popular as their bigger desk versions in the gaming world. There is the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PSP that current gamers may have in their bag all the time. It is a handy device that gamers bring along wherever they go. When that gaming bug hits, all they need is to take out the handheld gaming console from the bag and play some games. For a long time, it is a choice between Nintendo and Sony when you talk about handheld gaming consoles. The emergence of the gaming tablet aside, gamers may want to check out other choices if there is available. By next month, gamers will have something to get excited about. The NVIDIA Shield handheld gaming console is coming.

The NVIDIA Shield is a new player in the handheld gaming console arena. The company has made its name in the GPU’s and graphics software. But now it is taking advantage of the technology it uses to create its very own handheld gaming console. The NVIDIA Shield features a 5-inch retinal quality multi-touch display connected to a pseudo-Xbox controller but with more options. The console is designed with a clamshell display that you can close over the attached controller when not in use.

The NVIDIA Shield runs with a NVIDIA Tegra 4 ARM Cortex-A15 quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. It also comes with integrated speakers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. This gaming console also runs on Android Jelly Bean OS. This makes it a more versatile gaming console since it also has access to the Google Play store and its wealth of Android apps. You can consider it as not just a gaming console but also a multi-media entertainment system. The NVIDIA Shield comes with two games pre-installed with the device, Sonic 4 and Expendable: Rearmed. This new portable handheld gaming console cum entertainment system will be available by the end of the month. It will retail for around US$349.

Image Source: NVIDIA

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