NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra

Serious fitness enthusiasts would want to keep track of how their body performs during various fitness activities such as running. This will help them make their fitness programs more effective and efficient. But sometimes, wearing many devices to do this can sometimes affect how well they might perform as they go about their fitness activities. For females, its a good thing that there is the NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra that may be put to good use.

The NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra makes it quite convenient for female fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes to continuously keep track of their heart beat while running, walking or doing any other fitness exercises. It is a comfortable and wearable sports apparel that acts as a heart monitor at the same time. A set includes a Polar FS1wrist watch and heart monitor, a WearLink Transmitter and the sports bra itself. The fabric of the sports bra is embedded with special sensors that allow it to monitor a woman’s heart rate. The transmitter can then be attached to the apparel that sends the heart rate information to the watch monitor. The NuMetrex HRM Sports Bra is available for US$99 at the NuMetrex site.

Image Source: NuMetrex

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