Nuguna Neckband

Hearing loss can be a problem that may need some serious attention. It can affect how one deals with all the things around him. Some can have hearing loss that may require the use of hearing aids. Others may suffer from mild hearing loss and may not yet be that ready to wear a hearing aid since all they need is to be more aware of the surroundings they are in. It is a good thing that some people now have the choice to consider the alternative in the Nuguna Neckband.

The Nuguna Neckband is not exactly a hearing aid. It can’t actually improve the level of sound people can hear. More specifically, it is a device that allows people with mild hearing loss become more aware of their surroundings by the sounds that they fail to hear. The device does this by providing vibration alerts that will direct wearers to where unheard sound may be coming from. This device is designed as a stylish open ended neckband. It comes with left and right microphones that takes in and measures ambient noise. The device can also determine the difference of the sound levels on either side. It then provides vibrating alerts that will help wearers determine where the sound may be coming from. This includes sounds their hearing may not always catch due to their condition.

When a doorbell sounds, a microwave sounds off, a phone rings, or an approaching voice is getting stronger, the Nuguna Neckband is able to capture these sounds and help notify people with hearing loss where they might be coming from. It will also be quite useful outdoors as it can help notify wearers regarding car or bicycle horns sounding off that they may not be able to hear. At least the vibration from the device will alert wearers of the Nuguna Neckband and become more aware of their surroundings.

The Nuguna Neckband is ideal for people with hearing loss but may not be ready to wear a hearing aid all of the time. This device becomes the alternative to allow them to become better aware of their surroundings through the alerts of the device despite their weak hearing. In addition, the Nuguna Neckband is also able to provide call, message, and social media alerts which allow wearers become more socially engaged despite their condition. The Nuguna Neckband will be available in two models- the Nuguna Neckband OFF which can detect high pitched sounds and notify wearer of where the sounds are coming from and the Nuguna Neckband ON which will be accompanied by a mobile app to allow users to configure vibration alerts that wearers can distinguish. The Nuguna Neckband OFF is expected to retail for $198 while the Nuguna Neckband ON will retail for $248. It is expected to come out sometime in December of this year.

Image Source: UFirst

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