NRG Dock Home Solar Charger

nrg dock home

Do you live in an area where the power outage probability is high? Or are you simply looking for an economical gadget that will power your electronic devices? Then the NRG Dock solar charger Home version (the version is the Apartment version) might be perfect for you. The NRG Dock Home is a weatherproof panel and battery that can give your gadgets backup power for a number of days.

The NRG Dock Home is a high-end charger that comes with a 15-watt panel connected to the docking station inside your house. Put the charger on your balcony or stick it in your garden on a sunny day, and soon you will have sufficient power to run your gadgets without charging them using the main power. It generates enough power to juice up your notebook, cell phones, iPod, PSP, PDAs, and game Boy.

As more and more people now are considering greener solutions, the NRG Dock Home version looks promising. With this device, you can contribute in saving our dear planet a little at a time. What’s more, the product will benefit from state and federal tax credits for renewable energy. The retail price for the NRG Dock Home is $800. Nobody said saving our world would be cheap.

Image Source: NRG

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