nPower PEG Kinetic Charger

The need for some emergency power can come in any situation. But the need may even become more important in places where one can’t get hold of any available power source from conventional power outlets. In such cases, getting all those devices recharged can be a problem.

One of the more unique solutions available for people that require ready emergency power is the nPower PEG. This unique device is one that convert kinetic energy and stores it as electrical power that you can use to charge various devices. This is especially quite useful for people always on the move such as hikers and even students or office workers going through their usual daily commute.

The nPower PEG weights under 12 ounces and contains a 1000mAh lithium polymer battery. The device converts a person’s movement into electricity and then stores it on the battery of the device. It produces renewable energy from kinetic energy produced by the body that would otherwise go wasted. It is compatible with the USB 2.0 Standard and so can be used with hundreds of portable devices such as mobile phones, portable media players and the like. The nPower PEG is available at nPower for US$150.

Image Source: nPower

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