Novothink Surge iPhone Solar Charger

Novothink Surge

Green gadgets are really getting into the fad. Pair them up with the most popular gadgets today and you even get them to become more attractive. This may be the idea behind the Novothink Surge Solar Charger for phones and the iPod Touch.

With more people having phones or the iPod Touch, accessories such as the Novothink Surge would prove to be a handy combination. Since mobile users tend to use more of their gadgets while somewhere else, charging the battery may always be a problem. Such phones would cease to be such a useful gadget if it no longer has enough power on the go. The Novothink Surge may help address this problem by becoming a handy charger utilizing solar energy for power.

The Novothink Surge Solar Charger makes use of state of the art solar panel technology to allow it to produce enough power to charge up your iPhone. When they are connected, you continuously charge up your iPhone even while you walk, go to the beach or simply just out in the sun. You no longer have to find your iPhones getting low in power while you are outside somewhere. The Novothink Surge Solar Charger is available at Solar Arcadia for US$70.

Image Source: Novothink

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