Novo Minoru 3D Webcam

Novo Minoru 3D Webcam

The Novu Minoru 3D webcam is the first consumer 3D webcam in the market. Uniquely designed not only to offer 3D capability to your webcam, the Minoru 3D webcam also wants to add some fun into a gadget that does not look like any of your typical webcam. For one, it looks more like a robot than a typical webcam.

Minoru is the Japanese word that means "reality". That is what it aims to provide you whenever you wish to talk to someone using this unique 3D webcam. The Minoru webcam makes use of two separate lenses to capture images or video in red and in its blue channels. This webcam then makes use of the anaglyph technique which tries to superimpose the images of the two color channels into the PC screen.

By viewing it using special colored glasses, users can then see the images in 3D instead of the usual 2D, bringing more reality into the PC screen. It can be quite interesting to use for chatting with a friend online. It is available at Amazon for around US$89.

Image Source: Amazon

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