Novint Falcon 3D Game Controller

Novint Falcon 3D Game Controller

Advances in video gaming have become rapid in the past years.  Video games now have higher resolutions, crisper graphics, more detailed sounds, and even more interactive as you compete online using your home console.  However, there seem to be one thing that does not catch up as much:  the game controller.

After years of planning and development, Novint has come up with what they claim as an entirely new type of game controller:  the Novint Falcon.  This controller replaces your traditional mouse or joystick and lets you experience a virtual touch to your video gaming pleasure.

The Novint Falcon lets you get in control of the game in three dimensions, with a high-fidelity three-dimensional force feedback.  It moves forwards and backwards, right and left like a mouse, but also up and down.  Hold the Falcon’s detachable grip and you can even move your cursor to interact with a virtual object, environment, or character. 

Meanwhile, the motors inside the device turn on and get updated at about 1000 times a second.  This lets you feel the texture, shape, weight, dimension, and dynamics of the virtual objects of the game.  The development of real physical skill and muscle memory brings gaming to a whole new dimension.

Imagine having your game character hold a basketball with a Novint Falcon and you can automatically feel the weight of the ball.  Try swinging a virtual golf club and you can feel the momentum and impact of the swing.  These advances in virtual touch have become a reality with the Novint Falcon.

Ordering a Novint Falcon could get you a limited-edition game controller, along with its standard Falcon grip, USB cable, game packs, installation CD among others.  Its price ranges from US$136 to US$228, depending on the retailer or reseller.

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