Novatel Wireless MiFi Liberate Mobile Hotspot

Many people can’t seem to live without being online most of the time. Most would have wanted to keep themselves online even on places where it might be a remote possibility. But it’s good to know that there are device makers that are trying to help address such issues by creating devices such as the new MiFi Liberate Mobile Hotspot from Novatel Wireless.

The new MiFi Liberate Mobile Hotspot is a partnership between Novatel Wireless and AT&T to provide mobile users with the means to stay connected online even when they are out there. The device will support AT&T’s 4G LTE network to provide mobile users with online access everywhere they go. When connected, the mobile hotspot can accommodate up to 10 devices simultaneously. It also comes with its own 2.8 inch touch screen display to access the device settings directly rather than connecting the device to a computer in order to do so. The new MiFi Liberate Mobile Hotspot can provide up to 11 hours of continuous use and offers mobile connectivity in over 200 countries, making it a truly handy device for travelers. It is expected to be exclusively available at AT&T when it comes out. Pricing details is yet to be announced.

Image Source: Novatel Wireless

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