Notion Ink Adam Tablet Has a Price; Still Below $449

Although the release of Adam tablet computer from India-based Notion Ink has been delayed for way too long, the company revealed the pricing scheme of their baby device. As promised, the Adam will be available at a price below US$499. In fact, it’s $498! It also comes with WiFi, 3G, and a Tegra 2 system. Prospective buyers can even go for the $449 option if the 3G or Pixel Qi display is excluded, or even as low as $399 if both are dropped and make do with a WiFi-only, LCD-based tablet.

However, we still have to endure a very long wait if we want to get our hand into this tablet. The intended Q3 2010 launch has been scratched as the device would not be submitted for FCC certification until November, so expect the Adam to be released in the United States in late 2010 or just in time for CES 2011. Or probably never, like other startup gadgets we know.

Source: Engadget

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