NoteSlate Monochrome Tablet Device

Tablet devices have recently flooded the market with quite a number of choices. But generally, most of them offer the same function and features, with only the price point being the only debatable issue for some people. But then again, there are other tablet devices like the new NoteSlate that try to offer a more simplistic approach what people might consider as a tablet device.

The new NoteSlate looks more like an e-book reader than a tablet. In fact, it may be a device that may be the middle ground between the two devices. The NoteSlate is primarily designed for basic note taking. This becomes a useful device for those people who have the habit of taking down notes all of the time. Its monochrome display adds to its simplistic and barebones features. The screen interface interacts with a pencil and eraser, making notes editable just like the usual note taking.

But what makes note taking on the NoteSlate more convenient is that the notes can be stored and organized for later review. They can also easily be shared via the tablet’s SD card and USB input. The NoteSlate may just appeal due to its simplicity. It is currently being planned for production. NoteSlate expects to come up with the device to cost around US$99.

Image Source: NoteSlate

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