Not Everybody Happy About iPad 2 Launch

While many people, especially fans of Apple, are excited–ecstatic even–over the introduction of the iPad 2, not everybody seems to be in the same mood. And we are not talking about other tablet manufacturers. calls the iPad 2 launch a “snore” and is more excited about Apple‘s unveiling of the tablet’s new cover, which attaches to the iPad 2 using magnets. The Smart Cover (pictured) can even wake up the device as the user flips it open, as well as prop the tablet in various orientations. It costs US$39, which comes in a variety of colors, while the leather version is $69.

The Register, meanwhile, is not sold on Apple’s claim of iPad 2’s “all-new design.”

“More accurately, the iPad 2 is a refinement and speed bump to the original iPad,” the website states. “Nothing magical or revolutionary.”

The review is also not happy about the un-upgraded display, keeping the 30-pin propriety port while not adding a Thunderbolt slot, and the unchanged maximum flash-storage allotment.

Lastly, GigaOM calls the iPad 2 “a step backwards for carrier choice,” at least in the Canadian market. While the original iPad is available unlocked, Canadian customers are now required to indicate the carrier that would go along with the iPad 2 before purchasing. Canada’s carriers of iPad 2–Bell, Rogers, and Telus–all run on GSM standard, a different environment compared to the differing standards between carriers in the United States.

“It should be cause for concern for Apple customers outside Canada, too,” GigaOM states. “It seems to indicate Apple is more eager to please carrier partners than it has been in the past, and it represents a significant reverse in Apple’s ongoing shift away from carrier lock-in.”

Source: Business Insider, The Register, GigaOM

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