North Paw Directional Anklet Kit

There are many people who are poor in getting, following or giving directions. They frequently get lost in the process. It is sometimes due to getting all the directional bearings just right. One way to do that is by knowing the geographical orientation especially by knowing where magnetic north is all the time. A fun way to do this is by using the North Paw Directional Anklet Kit.

The North Paw Directional Anklet Kit is a fun and unique way to get oriented with where magnetic north is. It is a kit that features a compass module that also comes with an eight pager vibrating motors that surround your leg, specifically at the ankles. The motor that points to the direction of the magnetic north is the one that vibrates, giving users the sense of where magnetic north is. Eventually, the brain gets used to the vibrations that the brain just is able to sense where magnetic north is.

The North Paw Directional Anklet Kit is a unique and fun experiment just how the brain works. It is a DIY kit that users can assemble. It is available at ThinkGeek for US$160.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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