North Face SunUp Solar Backpack

Going outdoors lets you duel with the elements more or less. The same goes for the items you bring along. You need all the protection you can get. Not only that, you may also need to have some source of backup power to bring with you whenever you go off the grid. It is essential when you are outdoors. Back-up power helps provide you with emergency options while in the great outdoors. The new North Face SunUp Solar Backpack will try to address all your needs.

The North Face SunUp Solar Backpack is not your typical backpack. Aside from protecting your gear form the elements, this backpack has the means to generate and store power while you hike. It features a specially designed array of interconnected solar panels to recharge a built-in 4000 mAh battery.

Since hiking may cause constant movement, the new solar panel design addresses the issues related to efficiency and durability of the panels. In this case, the interconnected panels hinge to each other. This provides a higher level of flexibility of the panel segments to move freely. This allows for better panel durability. It minimizes breakage even when the backpack accidentally drops. The flexibility and location also ensure that the panel surface is directed to as much sunlight as possible during the hike.

The North Face SunUp Solar Backpack is currently a design concept for now. It was a collaboration project between North Face and designer Brad Brister. It will certainly be something that many avid outdoors men will look into in case the project finally comes into production stage.

Image Source: Brad Brister Design

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