Nooka Zon Watch

Classy may be the right term for the Nooka Zon wristwatch which is both worldtime and dual display timepiece. It truly is one of the sleekest out there.

The best thing about this piece is the fact that it has a block counting system. Also, the user can switch to the second display mode which display the time in numerical fashion.

It is, in addition, the best wristwatch to bring when you are out traveling in other places. It can allow you to display the different timezones of cities or other places around the world.

The Nooka Zon’s display has a dimension of 35 x 45 x 10 millimeters. With an adjustable strap and a butterfly buckle, this timepiece costs at about $650. It is available in gadget stores and even in It comes in white, gray and black colors.

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