Nook for Android Set to Take Away Kindle App's Thunder

Barnes & Noble is probably sensing the end of the e-book reader era with the introduction of the iPad, which is why their Nook e-reader is turned into an Android app. The company’s eBookstore app can now be accessed through Android-enabled smartphones, just a few weeks after Amazon did the same with its Kindle app.

Of course, the Nook for Android should have something to make it more attractive to consumers than the Kindle app as it calls itself “the only Android e-reader application to offer eBook lending.” This means, users can share e-Books with friends with the same app (whether it is on an Android device, iPhone, iPad, PC, or the Nook itself) for up to 14 days. However, not all titles will be covered by this feature. Users can also access the eBook library from whatever device a Nook app is installed.

The Nook for Android app is now available for download on devices with Android 1.6 or above.

Source: Barnes & Noble, via Engadget

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