Nook App Comes to Windows 8

While the Nook readers by Barnes & Noble are top-of-the-line, its app version… not so much.

The problem is its inconsistency and poor design. The web app is integrated into the B&N website and its UI is clean and minimal. The PC and Mac versions, however, has forest green highlights, grays and a busy navigational sidebar. The UI is also different in the Android and iOS Nook apps, as it has bright blues and too much gradients.

The Nook’s new Windows 8 app is at least this one is a step in the right direction. The design is based from the Paper interface of the Nook HD and brings some sort of consistency among platforms. The current version appears basic, lacking notation, look up, and social sharing features. However, the app lets users pin content to their Start Screen as a live tile.

The Nook for Windows 8 can now be downloaded for free in the Windows Store.

Source: The Verge, via Engadget

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