Nokia Not Yet Dead After All, Introduces The Nokia N1 Tablet

Nokia N1There were concerns regarding the possible demise of the Nokia brand when it comes to consumer electronic devices. The Nokia Lumia line was recently taken over by Microsoft when it announced the Lumia 535 recently. People thought that it is the end of an era for the popular brand. But then all these thoughts changed when Nokia recently announced it is introducing a new device in the form of the new Nokia N1 Tablet.

The new Nokia N1 Tablet recently made the rounds online with images to boot. It may be an unorthodox move from Nokia to say that it is still alive in kicking. By the initial attention, the company may be going in the right, although quite unfamiliar territory. Departing from its forte in making mobile phones to introducing a new tablet may be another direction for Nokia. But it is not their first one. They have already previously forayed into this market with their forgettable Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet. But now they are doing it with Android.

The Nokia N1 will come out with a 2.4GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 processor and a 2GB RAM along with 32GB of storage. The tablet does not seem to have a micro-SD slot, instead has a reversible USB Type C port. It also comes with an 8MP rear and a 5MP front cameras. Its 7.9-inch screen comes in an elegant milled aluminum chassis. All these features are packed into a tablet that is just 6.9mm thin.

The Nokia N1 also features some Nokia software aside from the usual Android stuff. There is the Z Launcher for example that offers letter recognition features to allow users to scribble directly into the home screen to pull out apps, make search queries and others. The Nokia N1 is a WiFi only tablet and is expected to come out sometime in February next year. It is expected to cost around $250.

Image Source: Nokia

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