Nokia With Nano Breathe Technology

Nokia With Nano Breathe Technology

Applied Nanodetectors Ltd. (AND) from the UK recently showcased a Nokia mobile phone prototype armed with Nano Breath Technology. What makes this phone different is that it has been embedded with a special chip that can detect certain diseases from one’s breath. This innovative gadget was recently on exhibit at the International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference held in Tokyo, Japan.

The said mobile phone was a Nokia N95 gadget that is fitted with AND’s chip that is integrated with various sensors able to detect various gases such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. When a person exhales into a sensor fitted into the Nokia phone, the chip then analyzes the composition of gases found in the user’s breath and then tabulates the density of each gas.

The chip then tries to match up the various gas densities with the characteristics similar to those found for certain diseases. The makers of the chip claims that the prototype phone is able to detect certain diseases such as diabetes, asthma, lung cancer as well as alcohol breath concentration. Although there have been breath analyzers already available in the market, it is the first time that such capabilities have been designed as a feature for mobile phones.

It might become quite an attractive niche that this new company may have discovered. With the phone having an interesting feature, it might just capture a market composed of people who are very conscious of their health. But to see if this type mobile phone will greatly succeed still remains to be discovered.

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