Nokia New N-Gage Gaming Service Goes Live

N-Gage Gaming Service

In efforts to make the mobile gaming even more popular, Nokia phones that support the N-Gage application can now take part in Nokia’s new N-Gage gaming service which has recently gone live and ready for the taking among N-Gage users. This gaming service would be a haven for a number of games that would be playable on Nokia N-Gage supported phones which will certainly give users something to cheer about.

N-Gage is a mobile phone gaming system that was developed for the Nokia Series 60 platform. It has since become an application that can be made available for other Nokia smart phones that can support it. And with the N-Gage gaming service now up and running live, N-Gage users now have the opportunity to select and download a number of gaming titles on their Nokia phones to enjoy.

Not only that, N-Gage has also announced the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge that opens the door for game developers to create games for the N-Gage platform and take the opportunity to win prizes and have their games published by Nokia. This will truly take the mobile gaming world by storm and make N-Gage phones become ever more popular in the mobile gaming world.

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