Nokia N97

Nokia N97


Form the Nokia NSeries comes the Nokia N97. It is equipped with a 434MHz processor, and a 128MB RAM


The N97 is fitted with a horizontal hardware keyboard that is quite easy to use. However, the top row of buttons is a bit too close to screen which, unfortunately, cannot be adjusted.

Its keys are too flat to type comfortably, and the layout can be a bit disorienting, with the spacebar shoved down to the lower-right corner. Overall though, the N97’s keyboard is better than other Smartphones with hardware keyboards.

Home screen

The N97’s home screen features widgets that update you (in real time) right on your home screen so you won’t have to open another app to retrieve them. The N97 features Facebook, MySpace, your personal e-mail, music player, favorite contacts, and date and time widgets. However, most aficionados agree that the Accuweather widget is the best. It utilizes the N97’s built-in Assisted GPS and automatically updates the temperature on your home screen when you travel.


The N97 allows you to manage your open apps by pressing Options in the lower-left corner and selecting Show Open Apps, but doesn’t have a notification system. Although some info such as your Facebook account, does get updated in real time via the widgets.

Image source: MSN

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