Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

Nokia N810

The Nokia 810 Internet tablet is a great tablet if you’re into surfing the Internet or sending and receiving e-mail because it has a completely functional MicroB. It connects to the web using any hot-spot WiFi that allows instant messaging, e-mail access, and personal blog updating. You can also make calls over the Internet using the onboard VGA webcam.

It makes e-mailing and Web surfing very easy. With Linux, you can add tons of applications. It comes with a 10GB memory card, so you can enjoy around 45 hours of music if WLAN networks are not available. The device has long battery life, user-friendly interface, vibrant and colorful scree, and has the ability to recognize handwriting.

The problem with the Nokia 810 Internet tablet is that, unlike its predecessor N800, it lacks SD card support – supporting only microSD or miniSD with adaptor. Other problems with this device are fewer Languages Support, low resolution webcam, flawed GPS design, and you need a lot of patience when you open web browser pages. It also doesn’t have regular phone function, though it supports Skype.

Overall, the Nokia 810 Internet tablet is a very nice tablet, way better compared with N770 and Zaurus. It is so easy to use and provides mobile users with a lot of expandability. Whether on a vacation trip or commuting to your office, this device is the perfect partner.



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