Nokia N79 Active

Nokia N79 Active

The Nokia Nseries has become the most successful mobile phone line in the United States because it has something for everyone with a particular lifestyle, and this trend does not end even with their latest model. The Nokia N79 Active is ideal for people who are conscious of their health as it incorporates a wireless heart rate monitor that collects valuable data from heart rate, calories burned, to the locations where a runner traveled.

Appearing to an upgrade to the already-awesome Nokia N79, the Nokia N79 Active includes a wireless Polar Bluetooth Wearlink heart rate belt from Polar, a prominent brand in sports instruments and heart rate monitoring. This heart rate tracker makes a great running companion because of its GPS capabilities matched with Nokia Sports Tracker application.

With these devices together, you can record and publish your favorite routes as well as your fitness routines on the Web. You can also share your workout music, as well as upload and geotag images you have taken while jogging with its 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lenses.

The Nokia N79 Active helps keeping your workout entertaining, especially during long workout while preparing your bikini body, while the Polar heart monitor lets you know exactly how you are doing. A Sports Tracker can provide a social dimension to your fitness program. Meanwhile, the heart belt takes away the guess work out of your training.

It is the smallest Nokia Nseries brand to date. An order of Nokia N79 includes additional sporty headphones and an armband to keep yourself plugged into your spins out. This means you hear the worldwide suffering of the civilian. It also contains a 4GB microSD memory card that can hold enough memory while working out.

The Nokia N79 Active will be available in France, seeing a Gritty and other Hollywood creatures, while it sill become available in the United States.

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