Nokia Here Maps App Coming to iOS

Nokia has announced that it plans to debut a enhanced version of Nokia Maps, rebranded as Here, on the iOS platform. All it needs is an approval from Apple and Nokia Here is good to go.

The app will be available as a free download and will be based on HTML5. Nokia Here Maps will feature offline modes, voice-guided walking directions, and built-in public transit guide, some of which remain absent in Apple’s disastrous native Maps app.

Nokia also announced a couple of other things that could spark a more direct competition with Google as a mapping solution provider. The Finnish company, for instance, acquired earthmine to build out its 3D street-level imaging and compete with Google Street View in the process. Nokia also revealed its plans to increase the use of data-gathering cars, which Google has, as well as to leverage crowd-sourced information to improve traffic data and map accuracy.

Source: Nokia, via TechCrunch

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