Nokia Gives Navigation App for Free

Nokia Ovi Maps

Nokia has just announced that they will be providing its very own navigation app for free, making the likes of Garmin and TomTom run for their money.

But unlike the GPS navigation on the iPhone, which leaves you at the mercy of your cell signal, the Ovi Maps function just like a standalone GPS.  Maps are preloaded on the phone and are saved there forever.  So in case you get lost and so is the signal, you can retrieve the map right from the phone.

The Ovi Maps can also support AGPS, so you get driving and walking directions, as well as guides from Michelin and Lonely Planet.  With this app, your phone can also receive weather updates and desktop software that would manage and search routes.  All of these can also be accessed even while offline.

Owners of Nokia smartphones can download the app today at the Ovi store, we repeat, for free.  Do note, however, that not all models are supported.

Image source:  Ovi Maps

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