Nokia E71 Smartphone

nokia e71

Succeeding the very popular Nokia E61 and E61i but following the same features from Nokia E51, Nokia E71 is perhaps the best and most equipped smartphone that Nokia has offered for the longest time. In terms of aesthetics, it could be one of the sexiest phones out there. The phone is chrome and although it’s a fingerprint magnet, E71 looks very sharp. Everything looks proportionate and works well together.

Nokia E71’s 320×240 screen looks really bright. Although not as sharp as the N95, it is clear and smooth on the eyes. The single speaker also seems louder compared to the E61 and it is very clear for alert sounds and ringtones. E71 features a microSD card slot, which you could use should you want to expand your phone’s memory to the largest available microSD card.

The Nokia E71 also doesn’t disappoint in terms of call quality, going toe-to-toe with BlackBerry Curves. Another great thing about this smartphone is the 1500mAh battery. On the downside, the keyboard is quite annoying. Again, Nokia still doesn’t know the basic keyboard layout and many users can’t stand it. Considering the ups, however, this issue is no big deal. The Nokia E71 is priced at $442.


Image Source: Nokia

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