Nokia E63

nokia e63

The Nokia E63 is the latest addition to the Nokia Eseries. Announced two months ago, it brings qwerty capabilities to the midrange, and can be considered as a cheaper version of the Nokia E71. Nokia E63 dropped some E71 features, but with very good reasons. With the number of smartphones increasing like mushrooms, consumers are now more price sensitive than ever when making their purchase.

What went missing are HSDPA and GPS, and E63 has a lower MP camera. Many people do not need GPS in the first place, seeing it as one of those non-essential phone features. The phone still provides 3G speeds that max out at 384Kbps, however. Also, since it focuses on productivity, the reduction of the camera to 2MP autofocus might not disappoint you if you’re into this segment.

E63 is an improved version of E71 in terms of the qwerty keypad. The keys protrudes/bulges a bit more, giving each press of the keys better feedback. The keypad is also much softer to type. E63 also has some construction changes, from metal construction to plastic. This makes the device much lighter to the hands. Overall, the price-point for Nokia E63 combines good features with an attractive price. It sells at $267 (€199).


Image Source: Nokia


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